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Alluring Designer Pieces

Bold Earrings or Quality Cashmere. Go everywhere and have them stare.



Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Lux

Be Different

Not only are you wrapping yourself with a stunning handmade cashmere
or wool shawl that stand out on their own, you have contributed to making someone's life better.

Be Bold

Adding something bold to any simple outfit will sure turn heads.

Be Rested

Everyone needs a good night sleep.
Try our best satin masks that help with eliminating light.
You won't even feel like you have it on.

Enjoy Owning Unique Pieces

Having a few well edited pieces in your collection can make all the difference.

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Shop the look

Shop the look

Every Shawl Purchased = 5 Trees Planted

TwinFishLux is working with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees so our planet can breathe a little more.

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A Way to Give Back

For every cashmere or wool shawl purchase, you have planted 5 trees. Thank you!

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