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About Us

Welcome to TwinfishLux! 

Our online boutique is dedicated to providing those who love unique pieces, and who want to enhance their look. 

An online accessories shop, TwinfishLux offers a well-edited selection of designer pieces. The diverse mix of items all share the qualities of beautiful craftsmanship and inherent style. 

Some pieces have taken many hours of detail hand work, but know they are made responsibly and carefully with love. 



Symbolizing TwinfishLux

With deeper research the symbol for TwinfishLux is quite special.



We at TwinfishLux strive to represent the strong, confident person, woman or man, who is willing to challenge themselves in all areas of life, starting with loving oneself. 

The person that wants to make a difference in the things they are passionate about. The person who can stand in front of a mirror, look at their “twin” and know, with a subtle change they can empower themselves. 



According to the study of western symbolism, the fish represents a female with such qualities as persistence and willingness to overcome trials and tribulations, akin to a sea creature overcoming strong currents in various bodies of water. In the Buddhist religion, the fish is a promising sign, representing freedom from restraints. In the Chinese culture, the fish symbolizes wealth, harmony, and happiness. 



This is actually the measurement of light. Light symbolizes goodness, positive and happiness. We hope that each of us can strive to be the best that we can be, inside and out ❤️. 


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